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Test probe, also known as the POGO pins or spring probe, is used in the electronic test test of semiconductor components of a functional test probes, connecting the conductive and the function of the transmitted signal, generally used with test block, (such as chip) the device will be tested in a fixed in PCB substrate, etc with a test probe and test block, without soldering, electricity test can be achieved. It has the advantages of small insertion loss, stable performance, long working life and so on. In addition, in addition to general chip testing purposes, it can also be widely used in cars, smartphones, tablets, GPS navigation, televisions and other parts as internal connection.The quality of the test probe is mainly reflected in the precision of material, coating, spring and casing as well as the manufacturing process. Leeno adheres to the highest standard of raw materials in the industry, and provides real high quality spring test probes to customers by cooperating with engineers' exquisite processing techniques.