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What role does the probe play?


IC (integrated circuit) testing is a very important link in IC chip design, stream chip and application process. It can not only save a lot of cost for semiconductor manufacturers, but also the test results are very reliable. As an important object of IC test fixture, what role does IC test needle play? Small make up here to introduce its function.

1. Enhance the durability of the fixture

The design of IC test probe makes its spring space larger than that of conventional probe, so it can obtain longer life.

2. Design of uninterrupted electrical contact

If the trip exceeds the effective travel (2/3 travel) or the general travel, the contact impedance can be kept low to eliminate the misjudgment caused by the false opening of the route caused by the probe.

3. Improved test accuracy

As the IC test needle is more delicate, it is usually less than 0.58mm in diameter, with a total length of not more than 6mm, so it can achieve better accuracy of products of the same specification.

IC testing tools have high universality. Only by replacing the particle limit frame, the particles with different sizes can be tested. With the design of ultra-short imported double-head probe, the data transmission distance between IC and PCB is shorter than that of similar test products, thus ensuring more stable test results and higher frequency. The high frequency of DDR3 series can reach up to 2000MHz.