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Maintenance for high frequency probes


1. Wire and joint maintenance:

(1) generally, the number of locks on the SMA connector is about 500 (if the number of locks is exceeded, please try to eliminate or replace it to avoid abnormal test);

(2) when manually disassemble wire, please rotate "HEX part of joint hexagon" to remove wire or rotary joint. Do not pull the sleeve so as to extend wire service life;

(3) when disassembling wire by torque wrench, lock and disassemble by standard SMA torque wrench;

(4) if the wire connector or general rotary joint is not in use, please protect it with protective cover to avoid damage to the connector or dust affecting the data value;

(5) it is more necessary to use alcohol cotton for cleaning and maintenance joints;

(6) all wires shall have a small bending radius. Please do not exceed the size of the radius to avoid damaging the wire properties.

2. Fixture probe maintenance:

Please use alcohol cotton for cleaning and maintenance after every 1000 times.

3. Service life:

(1) generally, the use frequency of SMA joint is about 500 times;

(2) the fixture probe should be shown in the product specifications;

4. How to cooperate with the fixture in production measurement

(1) to make the test more stable, fix 2/4 Hole probes vertically on the fixture;

(2) for prolonging the life of the jig probe, if more than 2/3 of it may cause the loss of durability;