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SEM scanning electron microscopy

     Scanning electron microscope (SEM) was invented in 1965 of a modern cell biology research tools, secondary electron imaging signal was mainly used to observe the surface morphology of the sample, which is a very narrow beam to scan samples, samples by electron beam and interact to produce a variety of effects, mainly the secondary electron emission of the sample.

X-ray fluorometer

X-ray machine is also called X-ray machine, portable X-ray fluoroscopy machine, is through the X-ray of objects and objects to see the instrument

Elastic impedance tester

High precision power microscope

The measuring microscope is to measure the length and Angle of the workpiece accurately by means of reflection and reflection. Especially suitable for recording magnetic head, large scale integrated circuit width and other precision parts testing instruments.

              Precision CNC fine carving machine


    CNC engraving machine is also known as CNC engraving machine, precision CNC equipment.

Precision dimension measurement

  Measurement technology is a frontier science with its own professional system, covering a variety of disciplines, theories and practices. The basic knowledge of measurement technology is the basis for mastering measurement skills and completing the measurement of geometric parameters of mechanical products independently.

Precision lathe

The lathe is the machine tool which mainly USES the turning tool to the rotating workpiece. In the lathes can also be used drill, reamer, reamer, tap, die and knurling tools.

Three dimensional coordinate measuring instrument


     Accurate measurement of dimensions, angles, shapes and positions of various workpieces, as well as various parameters of threaded parts, suitable for machine manufacturing, precision industry, mold manufacturing, instrument manufacturing, electronics industry, plastics and rubber industry measurement room