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Guangdong LEENO Precision Electronic Products Co., Ltd.is a professional research and development, production, marketing semiconductor test probe and test fixture is one of the high-tech enterprise, we have a professional product development and marketing team, South Korea, providing customized testing services and solutions can effectively meet the needs of customers and market development

Adhering to the theme of quality manufacturing in South Korea, we set up a precision research and development team to deeply cultivate the Chinese market. At present, the "LEENO" brand has been recognized and supported by the majority of customers, and the company's business plan is expanded to cover a number of regions, so as to provide a complete set of test solutions for the more sophisticated high-end market.

In order to meet the needs of modern high-tech electronic products, it provides enterprises with one-stop purchasing service platform by virtue of multi-channel integrated resources and good reputation, and is a good partner in the development of enterprises. Linuo electronic products continue to provide all good quality products.

The constant search for progress is our daily task. The pursuit of "zero defects" and "customer satisfaction" is the main reason for us to become the designated supplier of major manufacturers in the electronics and information industries. At leno, our product is a proof of quality!